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Is there any way to add records to a synched table?

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I will try explain my case. I own a theatre school
I have a base to manage the interation and publication on social networks through integromat.
I got another base to manage my current students in which i have their IG nicknames.
I got another base to deal with marketing contacts in which i have some of their IG nicknames
I want to have a synched table on the social network base with all the IG information i got from students and marketing contacts in orther to mention them in a proper way on my social posts. That is easy. This can be made trhough a synchronization from several resources what is possible now.
However, sometimes, i want to mention a nickname which is nor a student neither a marketing contact, so i would like to add manually this type of records. This way i would have to use only a link to another table field to include every person i want to mention on a post.
Is there any way to do that?

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Hi @David_Alonso,

Welcome back!

Could you set up a separate table (or base if you like) for the manually entered mentions, then sync that to the larger table? I know this isn’t exactly setting it up the way you asked, but its a simple way to what you need. The process would be very similar to your current ones too.