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Is there anyway to share a base to someone to submit some fields without signing up?

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Hi all,

I have created a base of products and I would like to share it to my contractors to submit quantities of products they want. I found there is a share option that can share my base to “commenters” but it seems like they will have to sign up to see the base. Is there anyway to share the base to someone to “comment” on some fields without signing up?

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No, this is not possible. If you’re referring to people commenting on records, this can only be done by Airtable collaborators within the Airtable interface itself.

If you’re referring to people editing certain fields without being a collaborator, you could do that with

Thank you, Scott.

We want to create a base for contractors to order our products by submitting quantities in our base like below without signing up. If it is not possible to doing this in Airtable then we’ll keep using our excel.


Yes, you can do this with MiniExtensions.