ISO Guide to Known Issues Caused by Punctuation (in Record Names, Single/Multi Select options, etc)

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

First time poster! Wondering if there is a resource in existence around punctuation characters that should be avoided in

  • Record names
  • Single- and multi-select options
  • Any other field types!

As well as potential issues they may cause (in base syncing, linked records, fx fields etc)?

For example, on my account for work, I manage/support several base syncs that involve linking records to synced records and I know that when we include any commas or quotes in record names it will create issues w/linking and syncing with duplication of information syncs through under new record groupings which will have quotes around the duplicated record name. We haven’t been able to figure out if apostrophe’s create issues but so far it seems like they may not (fingers crossed!)

Additionally, I’ve observed that including commas in single- and multi-select options have created issues as well. But it seems like parentheses are fine!

Right now we’re kind of just guessing and hoping what we should avoid and then having to address issues as they arise. If it doesn’t already exist, I would LOVE a comprehensive guide to punctuation use and known issues different characters could create when used in record names or other field types. Thanks so much in advance if anyone can point me to any related resources on these topics!

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