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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I am a recruiter and am currently working on a database to be able to track applicants and positions. I am sure there is a way to do what i want using the API with my website but i have no experience with that. I have a very small version of my base that i put together here to share in hopes that someone has a solution. I have a Positions table that includes all zip codes inside the radius for which i can hire a candidate (listed in Zip Radius). Those zip codes are linked to a Zip Codes table (in my actual base i have a full list of all US Zip Codes). In my Applicants table the applicants zip code is also linked to the Zip Codes table. I have an Options column in my Applicants table that is using a “lookup” based on zip codes and shows the Position id.

The lookup works great in that it shows the available positions available for the applicant, BUT when i try to click on those results to Expand the record for the Position It does not give me the option to expand that position. I have thousands of positions from numerous companies so not being able to expand that record is kind of pointless to what i am trying to accomplish.

I can already do a search in my positions table of my applicants zip code i am just trying to find a way to streamline the process of finding my applicants jobs.

Does anyone have a better solution to what i am trying to accomplish? I would much rather be able to do away with the zip code table all together and just be able to Search applicant zip code in the Zip Results column of the positions table but so far (aside from using the API and building a custom interface) i dont currently see any other options.

Sample base located here >>

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It’s hard to see what’s going on beneath the hood, since I can’t copy the base to inspect – but I don’t find a linked between candidates and positions. The last column in the Candidate table looks as if it originally wanted to be a linked record, but maybe it’s a lookup of the primary field, which is also not useful for a link.

If you could update your shared link to enable copying of the base, that would be great. Or if you’d rather not make it that open in public, PM me here to discuss. :winking_face:

I updated it to allow copying. This test base i have removed all of the company and applicant info out of and removed 90% of the zip codes just to try and make it simple. I do not have candidate names linked in my primary base but i do have alot more linked records in the base im actively using. i just didnt think they would play a role in what im trying to accomplish.

Your shared link is no longer working; you may have inadvertently generated a new link. If you can provide me with the current shared base link, I’ll take a look. Thanks!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Did you figure this out? I am very interested in finding your solution. I’m working against pretty much the exact same problem right now.

Here’s a link to a copy of my base…

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