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We are currently using the Jira Cloud app to sync our jira tickets with Airtable. We have a few custom fields that will be important for pulling over from jira–i.e. Customer and Sprint. Is there a way to add additional fields into the Jira Cloud App sync?

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Unfortunately our Jira Cloud app currently doesn’t support importing data for custom Jira fields. This is a known feature gap, that we are looking into but don’t have a timeline for when it’ll be added. The Jira Cloud App support article lists all the current fields available for mapping.

We do however have limited support for custom fields using our Jira Automation actions if that would be a possibility for your workflow?

Let me know if I can help provide any more information, and if this helped answer your question please mark it as the solution :white_check_mark: .

Hi Rose! Would you be able to help me figure out how to pull in a custom field from jira with the jira automation actions? I don’t see it as an option when I go to make the automation.

Hello @Lily_Gordon1!

After some investigation I don’t believe we support pulling in the Sprint custom field using our Jira automation actions. Sorry for not realizing that sooner!

At this point I would recommend looking into using a 3rd party integration like using Zapier to pull in the information from Jira then push that information into Airtable.

I hope that helps, please let me know if I can help provide any more information though!