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Jotform to Airtable integration via On2Air for ordering and inventory management?

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Hi @openside

I saw your reply to another person at New JotForm Integration - Mapping to Linked Record Fields. I am working with a nonprofit that is delivering basic groceries in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, to help fund the nonprofit. Wondering if you could PM me about Openside’s non-profit pricing?

We are trying to use a Jotform to take people’s purchase orders (they will later make a bank transfer) and have them autocreate Airtable records in an Airtable inventory management database. Would love to have the orderform automatically pull the product selections from the database as they are added or changed, and also show whether an item is in stock and how many are in stock. Sounds like On2Air could be the answer!


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I have so many answers to this - But given that you directly are referring to @openside I don’t want to butt in.

@Ramona_W - Welcome to the community!

Just a quick FYI - You can DM people from your avatar up on the top right, otherwise, if you have a question in the community, please leave it open for others to answer, because, given the context of this post, I don’t feel it would be correct of me to give you an answer that does not now conflict with Openside’s custom Zapier/Airtable integration

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@andywingrave feel free to contribute!

@andywingrave thank you for pointing out how to DM, I was looking around but didn’t find it.

If you prefer not to share your answers on the open community, feel free to DM me. :slightly_smiling_face:

I addressed OpenSide partly hoping that my post would thus get more attention than some posts on some support communities do…

Hi @Ramona_W - yes we do offer a generous non-profit discount. feel free to contact us at and we can share more details.

@andywingrave - feel free to offer other suggestions as well.