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4 - Data Explorer

I have created a bunch of labels and in each label ive created fields.

I have a field named Shopping list in all the labels.

In the Shopping list field I have a tick box option. Is there a way or possibility to summarise all the Shopping list field data in another label?

For example I tick the box if I want to order that particular food item. Can I show all my ticked boxes in a separate Label?



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Welcome to the community, @Aziz_Daudi! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: First off, what you’re currently calling “labels” are more properly called records in Airtable, and it sounds like each record represents a single item you want to add to a shopping list. Because Airtable is a database, records are mostly-independent entities. There are some tricky ways to refer to other records in the same table, but it requires manually adding links between records, which is probably more work than is needed in this situation.

One way to isolate only the records you’ve checked in the {Shopping list} field is to make a new view in the same table. Views are simply alternate ways of displaying the table’s records. For example, you could make a view named “Final List” and add a filter to that view that only displays records where the {Shopping list} checkbox has been checked. As you toggle the {Shopping list} checkbox state of records in your main view, it will control which records are visible in the “Final List” view. You can even change the field order or visibility in that new view, and it won’t affect your primary view.

For more about Airtable views, I recommend reviewing this page: