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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

In the Genealogy Collection at the library, we have vertical files. These vertical files are made up of family files and subject/location files (S/L files). We have around 1,000 family files and around 500 subject/location files. In each of these files you will find at least one document but most of these files contains many documents.

Our goal is to secure these files. Some of these files contain information dating back into the 1700’s.
In adding security, we have scanned all of these files. Our problem is getting this scanned material in a format on a computer that a researcher can research their families without pulling files.

In Airtables, we have set up a base for the family files and set up a base for the subject/location files. The column headings are file name, attachment, surnames, S/L files. We entry the file name and attach the scanned documents to this base. What surnames are found in this document? We entry those surnames in the “surname” column. What subject/location is this document about? We entry that subject or location in the “S/L files” column.

Problem. Is there a way that we can secure these bases? Should we let the researcher do their research in the base or is there a way that the computer could list / pull from the base the documents containing the surname that they are researching? Is there a way that the researcher could entry the surnames that they are researching and from the base the computer pulls / list the informant on that surname? (The computer searches the columns “surname” or “S/L Files” to find the documents.) Then, the researcher can click on the attachments to see these documents.

In Airtables, I have been looking at Forms, Page Design, and Sync. Please, can you help? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Gene Hurdt

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To do what you’re requesting would require something like miniExtensions or Stacker.

Stacker lets you create user portals to only show certain records to certain people. MiniExtensions lets you accomplish a similar result and is much cheaper but more difficult to set up (well).