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I have a workspace with different bases, each of them concerning a specific topic (let’s say “Marketing”, “Sales”, “Communication”).

In these bases, there are records which detail the name of the case and the task to do; each record has a Collaborator affected, with comments, deadline, next steps, etc.

I precise that in each base, the configuration of the fields is different.
For instance, in “Marketing” Base, it is Name - Collaborator - Due date - Comments.
In “Sales” Base, it is Name - Collaborator - Reception date - Expiration date - Comments
Etc., but some of the fields are common to all base (like Name, Collaborator, Status and Comments).

I would like to have an additional base (let’s say the “Master-Base”) on which all the records for which I am indicated as the Collaborator would be linked/synced, so that I could check instantly what are my tasks in all bases,

AND (here comes the tricky part)

I would need to be able to edit the records in both bases, so that if I update a record in the Master-Base, it is also updated in the source base (“Marketing”, for instance), and reversely.

I tried to sync a base to such a Master-Base with the “Share view” and “Allow data in this view to be synced to other bases” feature, which works (I can then filter records and hide fields which are not common to both bases), but it is indicated that records cannot be edited on the destination base.

Would someone have a solution for this problem? :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope I’m clear, don’t hesitate to ask me if it is not the case.

Many thanks,

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Hi @Robin_Charro and welcome to the community!

Without a doubt, someone here will point out options like scripting, Integromat, …, but meanwhile, @Kamille_Parks is working on an app to show to do’s across bases and/or tables (?).

And syncing is 1 direction only like you experienced.

Welcome to the community, @Robin_Charro !

Are you sure you need different bases? It sounds like you just need different views within one base. That would be the simplest solution.

However, if you are sure that you need different bases, you could always add a button in the destination table that opens up the original record in the source table, and then edit the record there. Not exactly what you’re looking for, but is pretty convenient.

And yes, as @Databaser mentioned, you can also use external automation tools like Integromat to manually create your own syncing solution between bases as well.