Limitations on interface, editable list/grid of related records

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4 - Data Explorer

This is my first post here. I’ve been getting up to speed on AirTable the last several days and finding there’s much to like about AirTable. However, while it appears to nicely cover certain basic use cases, I’m not seeing how it covers many common use cases that come standard with some database apps such as FileMaker. With AirTable I see a form designer, page designer and now interface designer all in addition to configurable views but they all fall short with many common use cases. One example use case would be to submit or edit multiple rows (including the ability to sort, select and edit related records) all related to a single record. This is a no-brainer in FileMaker via their portal widget to related records. I am aware of AirTable extended functionality which may provide some aspects of this but only in a view only, browse only mode.

Before I invest additional time on this I need to know if there’s something I’m missing which allows one to create the following type of implementation in AirTable. This use case would be a simple daily time log reporting solution. It’s a no brainer to implement in FileMaker. Not sure it’s possible in AirTable.

[Insert date]

[“Add Time Log” Button] (generates new line in Time Log Row Grid with calculated fields as well as 5 required fields to complete)

(Time Log Row Grid with fields as follows)

Line 1 - Worker, Job, Category, Note, Hours

Line 2 - Worker, Job, Category, Note, Hours

Line 3 - Worker, Job, Category, Note, Hours

Line 4+

Sub-Total (count # of records) (sum of hours)

[“Submit” Button]

Thanks in advance for an informed response.

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