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6 - Interface Innovator

I have a table in my base that captures information about tasks and what person they are assigned to. The field with the person’s name is a linked filed to another table that captures information about them and their company like contact information. Since we have multiple people working for some of the companies, I would like to create a lookup field for my task sheet that shows which company they are associated with. However, since the table with that information is linked —> that way, it isn’t showing up as an option when I try to create a new lookup field. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I tried to write an automation, but because these records have different IDs, I can’t figure out how to get it to write back to the correct project. I also tried to do another linked field that read <---- from the contact information sheet to the task sheet, but it just started to create new records when I put the information in.

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Linked fields across tables are always bidirectional. That means you should be able to get any field value from the [Contacts] table to display in [Tasks] table via a Lookup, and vice-versa.

I’m assuming you have a field in your [Contacts] table which lists the company for which each contact works. Are you saying that you can’t create a Lookup-type field in the [Tasks] table that reflects the linked [Contacts] record(s)’ {Company}` field?

I figured it out. I feel really dumb. We changed the name of the [Contacts] table and it isn’t changed in the lookup field. Another table now has that name, but it is still populating the [Contacts] table fields. I was able to make it work from there.