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I recently started using Airtable and I find immense productivity within. That said, There is a glaring set of issues that perhaps, either I do not know how to use a certain function eliminating this problem or it is an essential necessity missing from Airtable.

I am using Airtable to manage all of our books and publication releases for my publishing house.

I have a table that has all of our authors and another which has all of our books.

To use these tables in other bases, such as to devise pre-release information, launches, event marketing, etc. I need to export both of those tables (Authors and Books) into each of the above. Essentially, recreating the same tables numerous times. However. In the new bases where I would naturally use the linked records, I have to use a different column because the initial column will not allow me to link to another record…???

It would be a vast improvement if I could simply link to any record from any of the bases in my workspace. Simply adding “Link to record in a different Base” or even the possibility of linking to a record from a base on a completely different workspace, altogether. And for these pieces of information to properly link and update as the originating tables are updated.

I can do this in Excel. by simply typing = and then clicking on a different document and then the tab and cell I wish to use.

Because here, in airtable, I would have to constantly export and import to update those entries. They don’t seem to update or relationally update as new information is created in one.

For example. I have in my Authors table the author, the name of the book they are working on, which is linked to the book table. I have an initial manuscript deadline, final deadline, and planned publication release date. For various books, this information has not yet been added.

So If I export the book table to a launch calendar base to have it linked so I do not need to recreate the listing of books and their associated pieces of information. I have to export and import it again whenever the original table in the print editorial calendar is up-to-date, as it is a living file that changes constantly.

Essentially, forcing me to erase the existing table in the launch base and setting it up again.

This feels like a huge gap in how this should work.

I simply want to expand my bases for various purposes and want to be able to link to the main source of information that is going to be used relationally in other bases for various other purposes.

Perhaps I’m missing how this is doable in Airtable? Any help would be appreciated.

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