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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m building a database for work and it works pretty well.
I’ve just one small problem with linking field on 2 tables in a one-to-many way.

I’m linking 1 record from table1 to many records on table2. Works great.
On table 2, I desactivated the multirecord link so I can only link 1 record form table1. Great again.

The problem is that from table 1 I can make another record which link to the same record on table 2. So when I look in my second table, in my “single record link field” I still end up with 2 differents records from table1 !

So what I would need is to be able to link multiple records from table1 to table2 but without being able to record 2 time the same one.

Any idea ?

Thanks you for this wonderfull tool !


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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

As my thread have some views but no reply I guess I wasn’t very clear :

So here I try again: I created a base to record my cutting tools. When I order a new one I order something like 10 of them. I put all the technical info in my base and give them a stock number. From there it create a second linked table called “stock” and inside I put info like stock number, where they are sent to and some other comment.

For example I gave them all the number #1000. And stock them in one place. But At some point I may take one away and send it somewhere eles, so I would give him the number #1001. Now in my main table I have the same tool but with 2 different stock number, with new info about this particular tool I took away.

So the same tool can have many different stock number but every stock number MUST be unique. Any idea if we can force that or at least check if the stock number already exist and return an error ?