Re: Locking Views has no effect - Filters, Grouping, Sorts, Hidden Fields all still available

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

It’s as basic as can be. I created a view, created a shared link/embed, lock the view and then try the links and or embeds on another system (not logged into Airtable). Regardless of the lock setting viewers are able to see and interact with Filters, Groups, HIdden Fields, and sorts.

Here’s a test table that reacts exactly same as all others : Airtable - Grid view

Additional Info : Using the embed code kinda works. On the webpage, the iFrame does limit interaction, however the “View larger version” allows full access to the Filters, Groups, HIdden Fields, and sorts.


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Locking views is only for collaborators who have access to your actual Airtable base. That’s because changing the options in your actual Airtable base could potentially mess up your entire workflow, because changes will affect everyone who uses the system — and these changes can affect linked record fields, automations, external integrations, etc.

Locking views doesn’t apply to shared views, because changing a shared view doesn’t change your database — those are only temporary changes that will appear in that one person’s web browser.

if you want to restrict what people can do with shared views, then you would need to turn to an external tool like MiniExtensions: