Look up and match the value of a form submission in another (synced) table

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a form with the options of 1) firstname 2) surname 3) email. This goes into a table, let’s call it table1

I have another synced table (in the same base) from another base (let’s call it "table2). The primary field in table2 is a userID, not the email.

I would like to look up the emails of the form submissions from table1 in table2.

Ideally, if the email from table1 exists in table2, I would like the record from table2 to be linked to the appropriate one in table1.

If this isn’t possible, I would like to adjust a property in table1 to “X” or “Y”.

I haven’t found a way to get this to work, either with linking the tables or with automations.

I would like the linking to happen automatically, and it doesn’t seem to work (I think) because the email isn’t the primary field.

I thought it should be possible with an automation, i.e. “on form submission, look up email address in synced table. If exists, change status to X, if doesn’t exist, change status to Y”.

But even when I try this I can’t only get the run actions to happen on an “HTML list” (see below), rather than the value itself. So I am a little stuck.

Screenshot 2022-03-13 at 17.17.09

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to achieve this?

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