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6 - Interface Innovator
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I went into Airtable to create a new form, and was pushed to do this in the "Interface view".It seemed relatively straightforward, but I can't find an option to "stop accepting new form submissions", like there was in the normal form view.You can "un...
I'm trying to write a formula to check whether a lookup field contains a specific value.These lookup fields might contain one or multiple values, e.g.applesapples, pearspears, bananas, strawberriesI've been using the formula IF(FIND("apples", {fruitN...
I have a form with the options of 1) firstname 2) surname 3) email. This goes into a table, let’s call it table1 I have another synced table (in the same base) from another base (let’s call it "table2). The primary field in table2 is a userID, not th...
I’m trying to get the content from a rich text element in Airtable, transform it via Integromat from Markdown to HTML (using the Markdown to HTML module) and then post the HTML. I can’t get line breaks to work in my Rich Text Field properly in Airtab...
I am using Airtable with Integromat, but am having issues filtering in Airtable using the TODAY() function. I have a field in Airtable with a date (no time). I have an automation in Integromat which runs every 15 minutes, searches my Airtable base us...