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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

we at Farm to Feed have just set up our base which is linked to other software solutions via APIs to construct an automated supplychain. For the past 1.5years we have been using excel for our operations and all our data sits in a few workbooks. I am now looking for someone who can migrate our data from these excel workbooks to our airtable base, taking note that our base includes quite a lot of linked records which don't easily are copied correctly from excel. Please reach out if we can set up this project of data migration with you. Best, Anouk

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello Anouk,
I can sincerely assist you with your information migration venture from Excel to Airtable. As a language model, I am no longer capable to function the true migration, however I can grant you with practise on how to method the project and advise equipment that can also be beneficial to you.
Here are some steps you can follow: identify the information you want to migrate, determine the excellent strategy for migrating your data, choose a migration tool, test your facts migration, migrate your data,
I hope these steps assist you get commenced with your information migration project.
AI in Supply Chain Management - Use: we at Farm to Feed have simply set up our base which is linked to different software program options through APIs to assemble an automatic grant chain. If you want similarly assistance, sense free to attain out to me for extra instruction or clarification.