Looking for JOIN like feature to merge three volunteer questionnaires

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I am looking for insight into automatically connecting data between three grids.

Primary grid is a comprehensive volunteer application with a lot of long-answer questions, in addition to basic demographic information. This has maybe 40 or so fields, and I would like it to remain my primary grid. There should only be one entry per individual.

Second grid is a list simply of name of person and date volunteer agreement signed. There should be only one entry per individual.

Third grid is a scheduling form, where individuals can sign up multiple times for different volunteer shifts.

I understand how I could one-by-one manually enter the relevant data from the second and third grids into the first grid. (I’m using the modified Sales CRM template with interactions essentially as grid three: However, I’m looking for help to automatically place in primary grid the date the confidentiality agreement was signed. I have maybe 2000 records I need to integrate.

And I would like to also add separate interactions for each time the individual in the primary field volunteers. E.g., right now I know that Mary Smith is a teacher who speaks French and she has an extensive background researching Quebecois history. I also know separately that she completed a volunteer agreement on 5/10/2019. And, I know that she volunteered with us on 5/10/2019 and 6/10/2019 at our New York City site. I’d like to automatically combine these three grids so that in the primary grid I can access the information regarding the volunteer agreement and the interactions we’ve had with her.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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By grid, I believe you mean “table”. “Grid” refers to a view format for a table in Airtable (the others are gallery, Kanban, and calendar).

It sounds like you need 2 tables.

  1. [Volunteers] Table: This table will have one grid view which shows the person’s name and all fields relating to the questionnaire responses, and one grid view which shows the person’s name and a date field to record the date the agreement was signed).
  2. [Volunteer Shifts] Table: This table will have one grid view of all the shifts assigned, one form view which allows your volunteers to submit form responses, and one calendar view.

^ That setup means you only have to make one connection: the field which shows the name of the volunteer in the [Volunteer Shifts] table would be a Link to Another Record field which points to the [Volunteers] table.