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I have a base that my coworkers use to list out the trainings they have with clients each each. In the base the employees each have their own table. Each table has the same columns, they just populate them with the customer info. I have a “Master” table that after a training is done, needs to be updated so we have a running list of the trainings that have happened for everyone. This table only has a few of the key columns that we need info on, not all the same columns as the employees have on their tables. I would like these columns to populate automatically once a field is checked off on one of the employees tables. I am still very new to AirTable and trying to learn! I did some searching but couldn’t find anything for a many to one situation. Any help would be appreciated!

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Well, that’s not quite possible with Airtable — but you can get something similar. Instead of having the employees check a box to indicate completion, have them create a link from their tables to the master table using a linked-record field. (This can be done manually or, as in the example referenced below, by copy-and-pasting an appropriate value into the field.) Once a link is created, data from the employee table can be accessed by the master table, and vice-versa.

Please note these links are perpetually dynamic; should the employee table be deleted or modified subsequent to the link being created, data in the master table could become corrupted. To prevent this, there is a relatively simple way to ‘decouple’ the tables once the initial propagation has taken place; this is also discussed in the referenced post.