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6 - Interface Innovator

Good Morning,

I have been given a task to compare all of our active students in one table to another table that has collected contact info from students. We want to be able to automatically mark the students in the contact table with a check when they are also in the active table (for filtering purposes). I do not want to manually do this because we tend to have between 400 and 1000 students that are active at any one time and our contact info table has 4000 records. Thanks ahead of time!


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Have you explored just having one table for students, and using a filtered View for “active”?

Thanks so much for the response.

Unfortunately it isn’t that simple and I just had to rethink the problem because that makes sense. Each of the tables is from two different data sources. The student contact info table is populated by a form embedded in every course as an assignment. The active student data comes from a progress monitoring tool within our LMS. So I would need two tables and then something to compare them and then, in essence, hide the students that are not present in the active student data. Thankfully we do have individualized identifiers (student numbers) that SHOULD be the same for each student within each data source. Does this make more sense?

In that case you can set up automations to link your two tables together based on the uniqye student ids. If the student id is the primary field in at least one of your two tables then this is easy. If not, you may need a Find Records step to get the student where the id = x.

Then your filters should be able to hide when the link field is empty (meaning there was no matching student)