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6 - Interface Innovator

Is there a limit to the number of options you can have for a multi select field? If so, what is the upper limit?

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There does not appear to be a limit - I was able to create… oh, 60 or so options while testing it out, and saw no indication of a limiter.

As a test, I just created a single-select with 468 options: No problems.

Way to go above and beyond :winking_face:

Nah, no biggie: I had a table with 468 autonumbered entries (as well as 468 almost unique text fields as a double-check). I simply reconfigured each field from formula to single-select and paged through the new drop-down list to see if anything was missed.

My first attempt was inconclusive, as the text field I chose was only nearly unique, and Airtable dutifully combined like values. I next tried it with the autonumbered field — and then sorted the select options alphabetically, as I’d forgotten I’d reordered the records. Paging through those, i was able to eyeball they were all there.

(Incidentally, this was the same base where I had discovered there is a limit to the number of branches in a formula: Seemingly, the hard limit is, um, 353, which maps into no memory model of which I’m aware. As a result, an IF() statement with 353 IF() clauses works fine — but if you add a 354th, the field simply reports #ERROR. Initially i thought this was because of a 32,768-character limit on the size of the formula itself, but I was later able to create formulas longer than 34,000 characters that worked and far shorter, 354-branch formulas that failed.)

Excellent approach, looks like 10K is the hard limit, though the field customizer freezes up big time with that many options. Inserted 10K records via the API, and successfully converted an auto number field to multi-select with 10K options. At 10K + 1 record, the conversion fails.

And at around 65 – 70 options, I gnaw my paw off to free myself from the mouse and keyboard. :winking_face:

Nice work! I think we can safely say the maximum number of select options allowed far exceeds the patience and/or sanity of anyone to make use of them.

Shame, i wanted to add 23,018 options ! One for every City on my list