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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone might have an idea of a way that I can merge multiple tables into one table that constantly updates.

Basically I have an accounting workspace that I am setting up and really like. But ideally in a base, I would like to have different worksheets for different revenue and expense categories, but also one sheet that summarizes all of those.

For instance, I want a sheet for payroll that has all the information related to payroll (confirmation numbers, amounts, payee, etc. etc.), but then I would like another sheet for say office and managerial expenses and another for travel expenses (not that much of that is happening right now!). Then, I would like another sheet that shows all the expenses (say by date paid) and gives a summary of them (with less detail obviosuly, since details for payroll and travel expenses may not line up).

So basically I’d like something that’s like:

Paid to: Date: Category: Reference:
Alice Dec 1 Payroll. Alice - Salary - Week 48
Store. Dec 3. Expenses Office supplies
Airtable. Dec 7. Expenses. Monthly Subscription
John. Dec 8 Payroll John - Salary - Week 49

Then obviously in each main sheet. (one for each category), it would have more detail, a copy of the receipt/payment confirmation, etc.

Does anyone know of what the best way to do that would be?


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Welcome to the community, @Jonathan_Terluk !

The best way to set this up would be to put all of your expenses into one table, and then use different filters or filtered views to see different categories.

Thanks, Scott.

The thing is that not all the expenses have the same information so the columns aren’t all the same.
(i.e. payroll needs to have paystubs and payment reference numbers) whereas a purchase online might need the receipt and a list of the items purchased.

I am not sure if that is clear or not. But i currently have what you have suggested, but I find that it hasn’t let me keep expenses clearly labeled and is now causing me trouble as i deal with my books from 2020!

Looking to improve things for 2021!

Hmm, maybe you could use an automation that duplicates some of the details from tables 1 and 2 into a table 3? Or you could use linked records, based upon a value in table 3 (eg a “expense categorie” or some other accounting term)?

Just some wild thoughts :man_shrugging: