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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Airtable Community,

We have a base with several tabs and one of the tabs was messed up. Fortunately we have a snapshot of the base that we restored.

Our question is, is there a way to “copy” or “import” the single tab from the snapshot into the original base. It took a few days for us to realize that the tab was messed up and we worked a lot in the other tabs so all we need to do is take the one tab from the snapshot and put it in the exsisting base.

This tab has many, many views and tons of formula’s, a lot of them custom and paid for by programmers from this community so it isn’t just a simple data dump if that matters.

if anyone can help us restore this data so we can hit the ground running on Monday I would appreciate it.

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hey Andrew – you should be able to simply copy/paste the tab from the snapshot to a new table on the original base.

Does this help?

@Pete , my understanding is that the instructions in the link you provided only copy the values in the cells–they do not not copy the views and field definitions for a table/tab. Could you please clarify if it is possible to easily the views and field definitions for a table/tab?

My understanding is that there is no easy way to copy the views and field definitions. You could use the Scripting block to get & print a listing of the views and fields for the table in bot the current & snapshot bases, including the view types and the field types. However, the scripting block would not be able to get the specific filters for the views or the formulas for the fields. You would still need to manually check each field for the formula and settings.