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Modifying date part using concatanate formula

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When I’m using concatenate formula for a unique ID, I’m using it like this CONCATENATE(Task1," - ",{date}). And it ends up being weird-looking, and when I say weird looking I mean only date part is weird. This is what I get “Task 1-2022-02-10T[00:00:00:000Z”. How can I remove those zeroes?

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You’re looking for DATETIME_FORMAT()


PS: Instead of using Concatenate, you can also build a string from fields with “&” → {Field1}&" "&{Field2}, I find it easier to work with, especially with long concatenations.

Hey @Michael1!

Here’s a version of the formula that uses the CONCATENATE() function:

    {Task1}, " - ",
        {date}, 'l'

Here’s a version that forgoes the function:

{Task1} & " - " & 
    {date}, 'l'