Is there a way to share a view of one record only?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I have a membership community and I am using the Gallery view of AT to share my ‘roster’ of members. I am able to share the whole “gallery view”. What I want to do now is to only share a single record in Gallery view to my members.

This concern was discussed in the AT Community last 2019. Then, this feature was not present in AT and a third party offered their product to offer this specific service ie miniExtensions

Is there an update to this from Airtable developers? Is there a new solution for this concern?

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What do you mean that you just want to “share a single record”? Do you want to share the same exact record that everybody can see? That functionality is natively built into Airtable.

But if you need everybody to see a single unique record that is specifically personalized just for them, and everybody sees their own unique record that is just for their eyes only, then there is no native functionality for that. (Unless you manually create tons of different views — one for each person. I would not recommend that approach.)