More room in linked record fields? Better way to share contact info?

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to set up a base to share with members of my volunteer organization. It’s essentially a database listing who has credentials to work on a number of specific tasks, and the people who look up this information will be doing so to be share contact information of the workers with others who will not have access to the database.

I have two tables, one a list of tasks that includes a linked field reference to the second table, which aggregates the list of credentialed workers.

I want people to be able to click on the task and get a list of people credentialed to work on that task, which they could then, ideally, forward, print, or at least copy and paste into an email. There will often be multiple people who can perform the task and I want to generate a list of all of them. When I expand the record for the task, I am almost all the way there. The problem I have is space in the the contact information card clips the email field, similar to this:

Bobby Test Case
Email Telephone
bobbytestcase@mylongemailad 555-555-5555

I tried deleting the third field from which this list is drawn from, but it doesn’t help. The email stays clipped, and both fields remain in the same position on the left. Is there any way to expand the amount of space given to the email field? I certainly can’t find anything that will help.

Barring that, is there a better way to do what I’m trying to accomplish?

I’m trying to make this as easy as possible for the people who will use this database, meaning as few clicks and as little frustration as possible.

I appreciate the help!

Thank you!

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