Multi-Record Input Options Copy/Paste from XLS, Website or TXT File

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

So, I'm pretty new to no code apps and have unsuccessfully tested several other products for this feature.  Can Airtable perform this feature?  I've poked around the community but couldn't find anything, feel free to describe it like I'm 5.  Any help is appreciated...

I'm trying to build a calculator app off of an existing excel model where a user can populate months worth of records into the app and then the app runs through the calculations to find a forecast of the data and gives some output, values, chart etc.  The ideal method is that a user would copy and paste from XLS, website or TXT files and just paste into an "input form" or grid/table and then the app would calculate.  Here is a basic version of the setup...

Date (user input)          Widget Production (user Input)     ------>  Calculations and Output

3/1/2010                                        50                                     ------> 

4/1/2010                                       45                                      ------->

And so on.  This will usually be about 50ish monthly points.  


Another way to kind of think about this conceptually would be to take a mortgage calculator which is a common demo I've seen for the no code apps and work it backwards.  The user is starting with a payment schedule and trying to calculate their rate, etc.  

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