My first workspace disappeared after changing email and password

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4 - Data Explorer

Recently I began changing over from gmail to apple’s mail.
I usually sign into airtable with apple–that is, not with an airtable password.
I couldn’t sign in because the new apple email wasn’t recognized as a member, of course. So I hit, “forgot password” and made a password.
I signed in with the new password and gmail account. Then I went into my account and changed the email to the newer one at apple.
Now online I cannot get my workspace at all. It is still on my phone (perhaps still signed in with old mail?)
I tried changing my email back to the original one, but that did not help.
Is there anyway I can get the workspace back online? I’m afraid it may sync my phone and then I will have lost all my info.

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

You might have accidentally created a second account. I recommend contacting Airtable support at