Need Help Copying Text into Collaborators Column

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4 - Data Explorer

background: I am trying to streamline the way my team adds timecards to airtable through automation and integration. Since my team lives in slack, I want them to add timecards via a customized slack channel that pushes out the name of the person, name of the client, task id, hours and notes to airtable via a Zapier zap. For example, using a slack to airtable zap, my team can slack this data into an airtable table called “timecards”:

“Wyatt Craig, Acme, 35, 1.75, fine-tuning webpages”

Problem: This solution above only inputs the data into a text field. However, the text then needs to be parsed and inserted into more dynamic fields that link other tables.

Questions: How can I split this information out using [text search functions] and then how can I automatically add the copy to non-text fields like “collaborators” or “linked Tasks” which are drop-down options?

Note: If there are easier ways to get timecards into these dynamic fields via slack let me know. I may be painting myself into a corner with this half solution.

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