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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve never been able to successfully share a base or workspace with anyone over the years but it is now critical. Is this functionality now working successfully?

The system either:

  • claims it has shared with “email address” but the recipient never gets an email (no, not in junk)
    Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 17.22.25

  • or the wheel spins when attempting to email invite and the process never completes.
    Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 17.23.21

Have not prevented collaboration in workspace settings.


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Hi @Hairfable ,

Welcome to Airtable Community!

Have you tried sharing the base by link? This always works for me :slightly_smiling_face: Create a link, send it to whomever you want to share the base with, then you can disable this link after they are added as collaborators

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi @Mohamed_Swellam, thanks for your response. I’ve just been able to successfully get one collaborator on after clearing the browser cache. I’m waiting to see if the other person who has been waiting to receive numerous emails supposedly sent since July now receives an email.

I also went to the link option suggested and pressed create link. Am I then meant to copy it from the clipboard into a communication with the intended collaborator? When I paste it is not in the clipboard.

I also note that the link created allows anyone within the domain to access the base (obviously they have to become aware of it). Does pose security concerns but it sounds like once the linked person is converted to a collaborator I could disable the link but not sure how to do that. So I might press on with email invite as it could be that the cache clearance is resolving the issue. But If you can elaborate on my questions on ‘create link’ that would also be helpful.

Thank you

Yes, when you click on the link it gets copied to your clipboard for pasting.

You would see a trash bin icon beside the link, once you delete the link it becomes none usable.

Are all of these recipients at the same domain (company)? There may be something on that email server stopping the message before it ever gets to your inbox/junk. Not uncommon as Airtable is sending the email from with you as the ReplyTo.

I have been sharing Airtable access with emails for years with no issue. Try sending it to your personal email address or a gmail/yahoo email account. If that goes through, you probably need to adjust the filtering on your email server.