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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

So many new goodies from Airtable yesterday! I did not see the JotForm integration coming, but was so excited when I read the newsletter.

After playing around with the feature, I realized that mapping JotForm Fields to Airtable’s Linked Record Fields is not supported at this time. I contacted JotForm about this and was told they put in a feature request to their backend team, but couldn’t guarantee it would happen.

No idea if this is something entirely on JotForm’s end, or if Airtable is able to help them maybe ( :slightly_smiling_face: ?), but I wanted to put in a word here and say how helpful enabling this feature would be. Without being able to map JotForm fields to linked record fields in Airtable, the integration is basically useless in all of my workflows.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Is going through Zapier/Integromat an option? Its an extra step but has much more functionality.

Also, check out our product for more advanced Jotform/Airtable integration (in particular on the front end):

  • Dan

Thanks Dan!

I love Zapier and am already using it to push my JotForm submissions to Airtable. However, as Zaps are limited based on one’s payment plan, I was hoping I could maybe save a Zap here or there by using the new direct integration.

I took a look at the integration you suggested, and it looks pretty cool! We’re currently on the free version of JotForm, but if/when we evolve beyond that I will certainly keep this in mind. I love the idea of being able to display Airtable data within a form.

Understood on trying to save on zap/actions. makes sense.

fyi - our jotform widget (On2Air: Forms) works with free tier of Jotform as well.

We have generous non-profit discount (Im assuming you’re with NEADS)

If you use instead of jotform, they support it. They also support a TON of other cool stuff, like displaying information on the form based on options chosen, etc..