New Linked Record Workflow Ideas?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I think this is a view question, but maybe not.

I have built a calendar type application for my business to schedule events. Each event can have multiple meeting times, and I have set up each meeting on another table that links.

I’m trying to improve the workflow for creating a new event and it’s associated meetings. Is there a way to create a simple view for adding new records and error checking that I have input the minimum? The problem with the form is that I cannot also make the linked meetings all in one go, so it is seeming tedious.

Any ideas for the best views (and workflows) for creating a new record with it’s (linked) children?

Since the events don’t have times I cannot seem them on the calendar easily – that would be an amazing way to trigger the creation of events and all the meeting times, but that seems very tricky.


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