New Project Tracker for repeat projects with same tasks

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I am setting up a project tracker base with multiple projects that utilize the same tasks. I have a Tasks table that links to projects table. I think I need to have a formula field for the Tasks primary field. If so, whats the formula? If not then what? Thank you community!

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Would you be able to share this when it’s ready? I’m trying to do something very similar right now

My pleasure! This is what Laurie from Airtable told me and it works like a dream!

You will want to separate the Task table into a Task Type table and a Project Task table. You are basically creating a join table which you can read more about here: Check out the video A-beginners-guide-to-many-to-many-relationships.

That way, for information that stays the same for all tasks (perhaps the Task Lead?) you leave in the Task Type but then you can customize the task that is for a particular project in the Project Task.

Good luck!


Hey i need something similar, can you share a template of your base?
Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot…let me try this out…

Here is a pre-packaged framework that allows you to define processes consisting of multiple tasks, with dependencies and durations, and then create and schedule instances of those tasks. This works well with recurring processes where you don’t want to have to step through the process of defining task relationships with each new cycle.

The framework also supports durations in days or workdays; allows due dates to be shifted automatically to the previous/following workday, as desired; allows drag-and-drop rescheduling in Calendar view, even of tasks with calculated durations; creation of ad hoc tasks; and more. The published base includes a standalone [Documentation] table that contains a detailed user’s guide and an animated GIF demonstrating a number of supported features.

This may be overkill for your particular use case – but if not, it may save you a lot of time.

Hi @Naomi_Moss

If I am not mistaken, the formula that you have used in tasks table is to concatenate the project column + Task column. But how do you auto populate the Projects and tasks columns?

Or is it some other formula?

Please help!