News: Airtable is acquiring the team and assets from Bayes

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Hot off the press! Airtable is acquiring the team and assets from Bayes to help people better manage complex workflows) :blush: Seems like we can expect some new and/or improved apps no doubt.

Today, we’re announcing that Airtable has acquired the team and assets from Bayes, a no-code data visualization tool that shares our vision of making highly technical concepts more intuitive for non-developers.
This is Airtable’s first acquisition, and the Bayes team will now focus on strengthening Airtable’s data visualization and reporting capabilities, including better insights for people who manage bases and new ways to depict complex workflows.

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Visualization of Workflows, Pipelines, airtable-driven?
I would hope so !
For the present I’m doing this by turning the GANTT VIEW to alternative use and manipulating it by GROUPing but it’s really a temporary prototype while waiting for something dedicated but still reasonably simple to implement, to adjust.

@Databaser, thanks for posting this.

@Rose_K, I kept waiting for someone from Airtable to post this in the announcements section. I think the community would feel like Airtable is more engaged with the it’s community members if we could trust that big news like this would be immediately shared on the community by Airtable itself. Hearing about it from other sources makes us feel like the community was forgotten as a source for sending out information. Perhaps there could be an automation that says whenever there is a new press release, also notify the community?