Notifications to Slack not working at all?

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4 - Data Explorer

I have been an avid AirTable and Slack user for years now. We use AirTable and Slack integrations for three separate bases; two are on a paid plan and one is not. A couple variations of such (update certain channel when something the entire base is changed; update certain channel when something in a certain view is changes, etc.) and they have worked MOSTLY perfectly.

Until today.

Well, Saturday, October 16, I should say. We are receiving NO notifications from either of the paid bases on any of the channels we have the notifications set for. I have tried deleted and re-enabling them, I have tried disconnecting and then re-connecting our AirTable and Slack accounts. I have successfully sent “test” messages to all of the channels from AirTable’s “send a test message” option. It has also posted in my Slack channel that the AirTable integration was configured successfully! And nothing, not a single thing, has come through today at all. And myself and my team rely HEAVILY on this integration for functional operations.

Can anyone help or does anyone have any insight at all? I have reached out to AirTable support, and have not received a response yet.

Thank you in advance!

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