Zapier - adding new items to a "Link to another record" with existing items

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

We’re in the process of building out some serious zaps and need some guidance on what will happen if we use zapier to ‘add’ items to a “link to another record” field which already contains values.

We have tables for both Clients and Meetings which are linked.

Over time, multiple meetings are linked to existing clients. Often we can add new meetings and link just that specific meeting to an existing contact, HOWEVER sometimes we need to update an existing contact and link it to a new meeting (this is caused by the case of sometimes having one meeting attendee and sometimes having two, where attendee 2 is sometimes blank, so we need to run a filter before search/creating attendee 2 as a contact, and this happens after the meeting is already created).

The issue here is that these contacts likely already have various linked items (meetings).

So, my question is, do you know if you run a zap to “add” a new meeting ID to the linked meeting column of a contact, will this:
a) overwrite all existing linked meetings and only leave the one new linked meeting? (bad)
b) add this one new meeting to the list of other items? (good)

If b), then great. No worries. But if a), is there a solution for ensuring we don’t delete data like this?


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