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ODBC / Word Mail Merge

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What is the best way to export AirTable data for use in Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge tool, and have it updated in Word after making changes in AirTable?

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For now, we’d recommend exporting to CSV:

As an alternative to MS Word, you may want to explore some of the following options:

Using Zapier to integrate Airtable with other apps and services

Zapier is a third-party service that connects Airtable to many other apps and services, including Slack, Twitter, Gmail, MailChimp, Github and more. This article is specifically designed to teach y...

+1 vote for this, as we need to use Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge as well.

If we cannot connect directly to Microsoft Word, can you at least make it possible to get an automatic CSV download (maybe via Zapier → Dropbox integration), so that then Microsoft Word can automatically read from the updated file?

I would setup an excel file to query to the data from Airtable that will be used for the mail merge. This would give you a quick controlled way to refresh your list. Skip Zapier all together.

Here’s a thread that goes through the details of setting up power query to bring in your Airtable data