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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I keep looking at the Airtable template for Employee Onboarding and I unless I"m missing something, it doesn’t quite suit the need I have.

I’d like to keep track of the onboarding PROCESSES for multiple employees simultaneously. I want to be able to view each employee and their individual checklist, but with things like each step’s completion and be able to keep certain bits of data about when those steps should be completed, so I can set certain ZAPIER triggers based on the steps of that process.

I KNOW Airtable cna do this. Can anybody help me wrap my head around how?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Seems to me that it would make more sense for the employee’s name to be the primary record. Then there can be certain steps through the onboarding process that are tracked and completed. You could set up multiple views with filters for each step so you can track who is at what point in the process. Then from here you could make your zapier triggers when a new record is added to that view (i.e a step in the process has been completed.)

This makes sense in my head, hopefully it helps you out.

Obviously this template is not prepared for several employees, is more like a simple checklist (I just realized that is the name of the Table :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ). You need to copy the base every time for every new employee. The 2nd table is just for reference, and the 3dr is just related to a few records in Checklist table. I think this template is not very useful

You could have another Members table, and duplicate all the Records every time (maybe you could automate this with Zapier or similar), and Link them to the corresponding Member.

As @Elias_Gomez_Sainz mentioned, this template is of, um, limited utility. Also as Elias suggests, what you probably need is an implementation where you create a new set of records for each new employee. This reply and referenced base describes a method of doing just that, using automatic record generation.

Your situation differs from the one in that reply, though, in that you need some way to change the text in the first field from record to record. The way I’ve handled this in the past — and I’ve created 468-item checklists this way — is to use a long IF() statement for my task list, as based upon an autonumber field:

  1. Create an autonumber field in your [Checklist] table.
  2. Count the number of items in your checklist. For this example, I’m working with a 17-item list.
  3. Create an IF() statement along these lines:
        'Checklist item 1 goes here',
                'Checklist item 2 goes here',
    [up through]
                   'Checklist item 17 goes here'

This is the formula for the {Item} field in [Checklist]. Your other required fields are as follows:

{🅰️ ID} {🔢 Autonumber} {⚙️ Item} [{Other} {Fields} {As} {Desired}]

where :a: ️ = single-line text, :1234: = autonumber, :gear: ️ = formula field.

Your main table will be [Employee]; in it you can log such things as name, address, SSN, whatever. You should have an {Employee ID} field; you’ll also want a linked-record field pointing to the [Checklist] table. You’ll also want a formula field called something {List IDs} with this formula:

{Employee ID}&'-01,'&
{Employee ID}&'-02,'&
{Employee ID}&'-03,'&

up through

{Employee ID}&'-17'

When you get a new employee on board, you’ll create a new [Employee] record as usual and enter the information about him or her. Then, you’ll

  1. click on the {List IDs} field to select it,
  2. press Ctrl-C to copy its value,
  3. click on the linked-record {Checklist} field to select it, and
  4. press Ctrl-V to paste the copied values.

Airtable will then create 17 new [Checklist] records with sequential ID fields, each with an {Item} field set to a different entry in your checklist.

Hope this is somewhat coherent; if you have any questions, please ask!