One Task - linked to Many Records (Clients) - How to Check "Done" in each linked record?

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I have several tasks that need to happen for several clients. In other words one task needs to happen across the board, for each discrete client; I have several of these types of tasks. My database has a table for clients, a table for tasks (among others). The Tasks table is linked to the Client Table, and vice versa.The task(s) relate to an overall project as a “next action.”

I’d like to find a way not to have recreate/duplicate each next action task for each client record so as to avoid a slew of the same task repeats,; but rather, be able to check off the task as complete when it is done for each discrete client. Not sure the best way to set that up…

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Hi Lisa

To do this I think you are going to need a ‘join’ table - say called Client Tasks - which would enable you to check off a particular task for a client in the way you want.

If I understand, the issue you have is that of creating these task records - it may be possible to automate this. I did some work for a client of mine automatically creating records in a similar way. This involved using Zapier to build some processing logic (with Javascript within the ‘Zap’) - so the new client would cause the Zap to create the new task records automatically.

You should be aware that this requires a paid Zapier subscription and that ‘Zaps’ don’t run immediately - they are either every 5 or 15 minutes depending upon the subscription.

If you’d like to discuss this with me further, please get in touch (bear in mind time wise that I am in the UK).