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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I’m trying to sync my outlook calendar to my Airtable base, but it’s giving me the following error message: “Last synced failed # minutes ago (Microsoft may be experiencing issues with their API).” Are there any problem syncing the Outlook calendar? Here’s a screenshot of the error for your reference.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I had a similar issue. It just said the syncing failed. I canceled the action, then re-did the “send/receive” and got the same sync error. Finally, I deleted the calendar and tried to re-add it. After entering the link, the syncing dialog box appears for a moment, then disappears and nothing happens… can someone provide a fix for this please?

Hi @Charles_Kirchofer and @Ryan_Morris1 - this has been the story of my life for the past 4 months. We used the Outlook calendar integration for over a year prior to this, and all of a sudden the sync started failing, repeatedly. We have had numerous emails with the Airtable support team, to no avail. Every time they put it back on Microsoft and say that the issue lies with their API. Our IT consultant has created special environments for us to create the table and eliminate any potential underlying issues, and still it will sync initially but after a day or so, or even just an hour it fails.

I wish I had a solution, but the tl/dr is that Airtable does not, and also you are not alone.

The last message I had from Airtable was on Nov 3rd stating:

Our team has made the following observations:

** Our logs show a 503 with an empty body error*
** The error occurs on this endpoint*
** Our team believes that in-person debugging/troubleshooting will not help as there isn’t much we can do on our end concerning this type of error.*
** The next step would be contacting the Microsoft support team for further troubleshooting.*

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

:frowning: Well, that sucks. I told my manager I had a great solution for our team’s issues of workload visibility across sub-teams with a simple synced calendar… I can send people the link to the Airtable calendar, but it’s not the same level of user-friendliness. And I look like an idiot now.

But thanks for replying and letting us know you’re having the issue, too!

Yes, it is VERY disappointing…we had this system in place for over a year and now it is useless. With all of that said, I would encourage you to reach out to the support team, because they don’t monitor these threads, and maybe if more people are pestering them about it they will actually do something!

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6 - Interface Innovator

May be a little late to this but I found if you click "Manage connected accounts" and click a connected account you have already inputed and "Rename" it to something unique it worked.

I renamed my connected accounts to unique names and then had success.

In Outlook? Or in Airtable?