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6 - Interface Innovator

So we have a member of staff leaving and we need to transfer their bases to me - normally this is nice and easy and the tab has creator, read only, owner etc but the owner button is missing and it says to use the workspace sharing diaglog (I was in the workspace sharing diaglog space at the time) any one any ideas?

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Not sure why the option would be missing as opposed to “greyed out”, but if you are not already the owner of as workspace/base, you cannot assign yourself or anyone else as the owner.

Were you doing this from your account, or from the account of the person who owns the workspace?

So she’s the owner trying to transfer to me but I’ve just tried to transfer one to her and having the same issue image

If the bases are in a workspace she owns, she will have to make you “owner” of that workspace before you can move any bases to your workspace.

So that is how we normally do it and your completely correct - however the owner tab is missing so we cannot transfer?

Are you looking at the share box for a workspace or for an individual base? You cannot grant owner privileges at the base level. You can only grant owner privileges for an entire workspace.

Are you trying to transfer an entire workspace or only some base?

If you are trying to transfer ownership of the entire workspace, you need “Share workspace”, not a base share. Once both of you are owners, then she can remove herself from the workspace. You will also assume responsibility for paying for the workspace.

If you are trying to transfer ownership of only some bases, and want to move the bases from her workspace to yours, you need to be a creator in her workspace and an owner/creator in your workspace. Then you can “Move base to another workspace”. when you are looking at all the bases in the workspace (the base itself is closed). This may also change who else the base is shared with, base on the workspace collaborators are in the individual workspaces. Once the base is in the workspace that you own, you will be the “owner” of the base. (For an example of how this can be abused, see this thread.)