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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I would like to use our company’s logo on a page, but when I try to add it using the static image feature, I can’t paste it. It seems the only way to add an image is by adding a field url. I ended up adding an attachment field and put the company’s logo in that and it works but I would have to put the logo in each record. Seems crazy that you can’t just copy and paste an image.

Any ideas?

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You just need the image uploaded to the internet with a public URL, it has nothing to do with Airtable. You could upload to you web FTP server or upload the image to a service like

Thank you. I will try it. I appreciate your help.

Hi everyone, I am reaching out for help. I have made several attempts at doing this exact thing, but I am not having any success. Each time I end up with this as the result.
Page Designer - static image.JPG

Is there a particular syntax that needs to be followed in the field for the URL in left sidebar? I have tried storing the image in my base in an attachment field and put the field name in curly brackets as suggested.Same result. And I have not found much information about these static images in the page designer block.

Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated.


Problem solved. Found the solution in another thread.

Thank you for the help.

Hello there!

Would you mind sharing the link please?
I’m having trouble too.

UPDATE: never mind, found the workaround on this link: Upload static images to Page Designer from a file


6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

what worked for me was I when to Postimage org and uploaded my image from my computer and then copied the direct link (ending in the file type .png .jpg) and paste that into the field of the page designer block that asks for URL.