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Page Designer - Photo/Attachments output as black boxes

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I have a table with ~5k records which I filter to show a subset of, then I create a PDF report of the filtered records including the images in the attachments field.

This has been working perfectly until last night, when the images started to output as solid black boxes, but the preview of the PDF in the Apps sidebar was fine.

Nothing has changed in my base, except that I hit the 20GB attachment limit which prompted a warning about the base exceeding limits and needing to be upgraded. I modified the structure to avoid this in the short term (but will need to upgrade to Enterprise ASAP anyway), reducing my total attachment storage to 16GB and removing the warning.

But the problem with Page Designer still exists even though i’m now well within the limits of my Pro plan (50k records, 20GB attachments).

Images attached with private content blurred.

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 1.02.22 pm
Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 1.10.35 pm

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I should also add, that the issue exists in all bases in my workspace, not just this one.

please email as we dont work for airtable and cant help with product issues.

I have the same problem, my table/base is below any limits, so it’s not an issue in my case. Was the solution found? I’ll reach out to support, but curious if it’s a bigger product issue than just 2 accounts.

Hi Alla,

The issues appears to be related to a browser setting which enables “Hardware Acceleration Where Possible”

I turned off this setting in Chrome and the black box issue disappeared. Not sure if you’re using Chrome, or another browser, but this solved the issue for me.