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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Everyone,

I’m just getting started in Page Designer and have two questions that will aid my workflow:

-Is it possible to save a layout to use on other tables?
-Is there a way to create pages from a selection of records in a table?

I’d like to be able to use this extension to send pdfs of selected records within my table, tailored to each client. I’m still getting a feel for airtable, so if you can think of a better strategy I’d love to hear it.

Thank you

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  • You would need to create each Page Designer document from scratch for each table. And you would typically do this by installing multiple Page Designer extensions. Note that Airtable only allows a maximum of 10 active extensions at any given time.

  • You can’t select records, but you could create a filtered view to feed into Page Designer. Page Designer has a limit of only being able to display one record per page, although you can choose a smaller page size & you can also display multiple linked records up to the page size.

  • Page Designer can’t be automated in any way, and it can’t create PDF files unless you do it manually yourself using your computer’s operating system. It also can’t communicate with attachment fields. Most companies that I consult with opt out of using Page Designer because it is so limited in functionality, and instead turn to a document automation tool that can do all of the above, such as DocuMint or On2Air: Actions.