Percentage Completion Graphs for Forms!🎉

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi internet! I wanted to post a base to get some feedback:

Can this be simplified? My hope is that the community can take what I’ve put together (based on @W_Van_Hall’s work) and help me simplify it so that it can be an effective form tool which accurately displays how much of an individual section within the form is completed in addition to how much is completed overall.

This becomes a huge help when dealing with forms that take extended periods of time to complete and you have tens of thousands of individual submissions.

Specific goals: To minimize field formulas that must be changed when you add or subtract questions from the form by consolidating fields (Particularly the eight (8) formula fields (Sec1 Question Count thru Sec4 Question Count, and Sec1 Answer Count thru Sec4 Answer Count) into the ‘Total %Complete’ and ‘Section % Complete’ fields respectively.

Essentially, I’m having trouble nesting SUM, LEFT, and/or MID fields along with ensuring ABS or INT is maintained to avoid !ERROR.

As it stands, if you wanted to add another question to a section, you’d have to:

[add a new question field] ('New Question"
[add 'New Question' to formula in 'Questions Answered']
[add 'New Question' to formula in 'Section Answer Count']
[add 'New Question' to formula in the appropriate section 'Question Count' field] (in the base example, it would be either 'Sec1 Question Count', Sec 2 Qu..., etc
[manually change question number in 'Total % Complete']

What can we do differently/better?

EDIT: Fixed links to my base and Mr. @W_Vann_Hall’s

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Nathan -

Can you post your base as shared, read-only with the ability to copy data? (If you can’t easily strip out sensitive data, you can PM me with it instead.)

Done and done. :slightly_smiling_face:

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Anyone else care to chime in?