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4 - Data Explorer

Hi. I have one large database with clients. At different stages of the sales funnel, different managers interact with the client. I want the manager to be able to see the client card only when he became a collaborator. Is it possible?

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Dynamic permission by collaborator isn’t a built-in feature of Airtable.

If you just need the manager to VIEW the data (not edit the data), you can create different views (one for each manager) and then share the view via a share link. Share links generate read-only views that are uneditable.

You could also share that view by syncing it to another base specifically designed for that manager, which still gives the manager a read-only view, but they can add their own editable fields to keep their own personal notes. Those editable fields do not sync back to the main base.

However, for truly dynamic permission by collaborator, you would need to turn to an external solution like this one:

Stacker is another external solution, but it only syncs data from Airtable every 15 minutes, so it’s not recommended by me.