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4 - Data Explorer


i would like to allow my clients to have access to a Personal area for the customer

where they will be able to view their purchases, their payments and their balance.

what should I use to build it?



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What you need is the private link feature. Be extra careful to hide, filter and group your data. What you see in that view is what they will see image


From there, it all depends on the plan that you’re on.

If you’re on the free plan, the safest thing is to embed the view directly onto a page within your website that is dedicated to that client only. Hide that page, add a password and then share it. Your client will be able to see live data changes once you makes changes.

This plan is the easiest as you can share the private link you created and then restricting access by either enforcing a password requirement or restricting to just their domain.

EDIT: Edited to fix spelling and grammar. Apparently I needed an extra cup of :coffee: before responding :laughing:

Great! Tnx! I will look into it