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Populating form based on form answers

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Hi all,

I’m new to airtable. My students complete a form that captures their goals for the year. Is it possible to have another form that will populate the goals after I choose the student’s name? I’d like to use the second form to create notes on goal progress.


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Hi @Ordinarie_Heroes,
Yes, you can prefill a form with existing data in your base. Take a look at this documentation:

Hi @Vivid-Squid. Thanks for the reply. Will this allow me to choose a different student every time? For instance if I pick student A, I’d like their info to populate. If I change to student B, I’d like their info to show.

Welcome to the community, @Ordinarie_Heroes! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Could you please share more details about your base design? It’s tough to get a clear picture with what’s been shared so far. Field types and table names are all helpful details. Screenshots are even better (even if they’re “doctored” for privacy). There’s likely a way to dynamically update a form URL for a specific student, but without knowing the design of your base, it’s tough to go beyond, “I think it’ll work.”

Hi @Justin_Barrett . Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve created some screenshots that will hopefully help.

I have a Goal form that students fill out with their name, goal, and grade.

I’d like to use another form that will allow me to choose the name of any student that completed the Goal form and pull their goal into the new form Progress so I can add notes.

I’d like the name field on the Progress form to offer a dropdown or single select of all the names from the Goal form. After choosing a name I’d like the goal field on the Progress form to autopopulate.

Hopefully this makes more sense.


Hi @Ordinarie_Heroes,
The Form view in Airtable is most often used to bringing in information to Airtable from users that do not have access to your Airtable base. Forms submissions also always create a new record.

Since you have the Goal already submitted, you may want to look into Interfaces to build you a layout that lets you view each person, their goals and add notes directly to the Goal.

Something like this:

@Vivid-Squid this looks exactly like what I want. I’ll play around with it. Thanks you!