Pre-populating form with linked record in another table

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6 - Interface Innovator


I’m having a bit of trouble with the final piece of a project.

In Table A I have a list of clients with their service rates for on-going deliveries.

In Table B I have a set of fields used to capture specific components of the delivery and this acts as a database for all deliveries performed. I have set a linked record in Table B which links back to the client in Table A and have also set up a form for our drivers to capture the delivery within Table B.

Now to keep things simple (as 90% of the time deliveries are the same each week but some do change), I made a calculated field in Table A which says is delivery today = “Yes” or “No” in Table A and created view which filters is delivery today = yes. This means our drivers know which clients to deliver to on a specific day.

Now the problem is, I have the URL for the form from Table B in Table A showing to the driver and each time they perform a delivery they need to choose which client. Is there a way I can pre-populate the from from Table B with the Client Name in Table A each time they click the URL to submit the form?

I know you can pre-populate a form with fields from its own table but can’t find anything on whether you can do from another table.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, you can prefill forms with linked record values from other tables.

I would recommend using @kuovonne’s Prefilled Forms app to help you construct the URL: