Prefill form with an Attachment field?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is it possible to prefill a form with an attachment field so an image renders on the form? I see this question has been asked twice but no one answered. If possible, it would save us soooo much time.

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No, Airtable forms only allow you to customize the header logo & the header banner with photos or images.

To place images or photos anywhere else on your form, you would need to use JotForm, which has 25 different image widgets to choose from:

Additionally, if you need to conditionally lookup your Airtable attachments to dynamically display on your JotForm form, you can add on On2Air: Forms to be used in conjunction with JotForm:

Also, for any Airtable newbies who might be reading this thread in the future, I teach all about Airtable’s forms in my free Airtable training course here:

EDIT: I also just remembered that supports images as well:

Thanks for the detailed reply, Scott. I ended up getting across the finish line by attaching the image that needs approval to an email with a button linked to a Make webhook (with a 303 redirect response) to trigger a status update in AT.